Design, Brand Strategy and Promotion

Over 20 years of global experience specializing in brand strategy, creative execution, and marketing campaigns for entertainment and sports media, my role is to lead and immerse teams inside an organization, efficiently gain an understanding of the business/brand goals, identify and overcome issues and barriers that challenge success, breakdown complex brand issues, provide clarity and purpose for the brand and deliver simple, elegant, effective creative solutions that increase viewership, participation, consumption, purchase and ultimately drive internal and external value to brands.

Graphics Reel

Compilation of  graphics, 3D and compositing samples


These idents capture typical locations in the Netherlands on a high speed camera and place the Fox logo within the scene. The objective was to introduce FOX to the Dutch audience

Olympic Dreams Promo - Sky Italia

Part of a series that showcases 4 Italian Olympic athletes narrating their dreams of an Olympic medal.

Sky Sports F1 • Ident

This ident was designed to brand the Sky Sports F1 dedicated channel to Formula one races.

Sky Sport • Wimbledon Promo

This project was in collaboration with Sky Sports Deutschland and used for branding and to promote the coverage of the Wimbledon tournament on Sky Sports

Sky Italia • Faccia D'Angelo

Promoting the miniseries on the infamous  italian mastermind that orchestrates several successful robberies in northern Italy during the 60's

SKY SPORTS • Promo toolkit

Compilation of the Italian soccer promo toolkit elements.

SKY UNO • Channel Branding

Channel on-air branding toolkit

Sky Italia • Italian Next Top Model

Fierce competition of style and ambitions for the youngs italian aspiring fashion models

Sky Italia • X FACTOR Teaser

This teaser was part of a series of teasers for the arrival of X Factor to Italy. Each teaser modify an italian landmark to incorporate the X on the site

Italian Next Top Model

Another season of the toughest competition for a spot on the catwalk.

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